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Vinesh Kumaran was born and raised in the small rural town of Ba, Fiji and the South Auckland suburb of Mangere, New Zealand.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Visual Arts enabled his first foray into photography. His graduate work documented a highly personal journey retracing his family's historical migration from India to Fiji and on to New Zealand. The experience helped form an acute awareness of the power of the lens and the position of the photographer.


Four years at art school gave Vinesh a strong technical and critical perspective on the discipline of photography as well as a deep respect for portraiture. After graduating, he dove enthusiastically into the world of commercial photography learning with every opportunity. Committed and determined, Vinesh has established an impressive reputation and worked on notable national and international campaigns in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


Vinesh has established long term relationships within the arts and cultural sectors in South Auckland, which have enabled a number of opportunities to explore and develop his portraiture portfolio. From promotional to editorial and gallery-based photography, Vinesh treats portraiture as a collaboration ultimately capturing a moment of connection.


Intercultural communication skills have enabled professional working relationships with a range of customers and subjects; Vinesh is widely known as a trusted and respectful photographer. In 2008, he was awarded an ARTsource grant in recognition of his leading role as a local creative entrepreneur.


Vinesh has a strong foundation of technical, ethical and cultural awareness that informs his photographic practice. His broad experience in the commercial sector has exposed him to boundary pushing approaches to image making contributing to his endless energy to explore the potential of his own unique and constantly evolving position.



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